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Hair Loss in Northern Virginia

By Colleen Rock
May 16, 2019

Hair Loss in Northern Virginia

You will seldom find any individuals that are not looking to achieve a better facial complexion. Even those that have no complaints are still looking for an edge.

After Kim Kardashian's bloody post-facial photo, that particular skin treatment grew in popularity. It allows users to gain a more youthful complexion through the use of their own blood.  There is now a similar treatment that can produce the same results, but for hair loss.

This treatment is called Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP for short. Essentially, this treatment uses the plasma in your blood in order to facilitate hair growth. The reason this is possible is because everyone's blood is made up of red blood cells and plasma.

The aforementioned plasma are made up of white blood cells and platelets. These two ingredients are extremely rich in growth factors. They can be used to help stimulate hair growth and allows patients to see thicker hair.

In short, you can expect to have a head full of hair that is healthy and looks natural. This treatment has grown in popularity over the years.

The Process

To begin your treatment, all patients are expected to have blood drawn for their arm. That blood is then placed inside of a machine that is called a centrifuge.

Once inside, the blood is then spun in order to separate the plasma from the red blood cells. Remember, the plasma is the essential part that is needed in order for the PRP process to work correctly.

From there the patient is injected into the scalp at the bottom of the hair follicles. It isn’t just one injection, but many that are needed in order to complete the treatment. Patients can expect to spend about roughly a half hour during treatment.

Risks Involved

There are truly no risks to having the procedure done. The thought of needles, injections and blood would leave many to believe that there must be some sort of risk involved, but there is not.

In fact, most patients receive those injections without the help of any numbing whatsoever. Those that do feel any level of discomfort can soothe their pains with the help of Tylenol. Bruising does usually take place after treatment, but you can expect it to subside within one-to-two weeks.

As far as downtime, there isn't any. Patients typically get right back to their normal daily routine as soon as treatment is over. A hot shower is recommended as the heat from the shower will help the blood flow circulate throughout the scalp.

Patients will have to go a day, maybe two at the most, without their typical hair routines such as coloring, processing and blow drying.

Who PRP Works For

Every and anyone that has experienced some type of hair loss can safely undergo this procedure. Whether it be male, female, old or young, all can have the full head of hair that they are craving.

The PRP Results

Like most procedures, the most important thing for patients to do is to stay consistent. Treatment takes place about once a month for the first three or four months when you are first starting.

Once you have gotten through that phase, the treatments are not needed as frequent. Every three-to-six months would typically become the standard treatment time table.

Those that are waiting to see the results won't have to wait long. Within the first two or three months, patients have reported to have seen a vast improvement.

If you're interested in learning more about Platelet Rich Plasma treatments in Northern Virginia, call Reston Dermatology today to schedule an appointment.

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PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)


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