Botox and Dermal Fillers in Northern Virginia

by in Botox May 16, 2019

Botox and dermal fillers are a common theme in Northern Virginia. Aging gracefully is difficult because of everything that comes with it. Wrinkles, crows feet and a host of other issues typically occur when you go without the use of the popular medical injectable.

The use of Botox and dermal fillers aren’t just common place, but they are also a healthy option. Before taking these treatments patients should be cautious of several things such as over injecting.

The following breakdown will give you an idea of how several celebrities have aged gracefully, albeit with a little bit of help from Botox and dermal fillers.

Well known actress Jenny McCarthy has seemed to age backwards. The Botox work she has gotten done is borderline perfect.

One secret to her well-aged looks are temporary fillers. The reason why these fillers are in many ways better alternatives than other methods is because, fillers give patients a more natural look.

Stick With Temporary Fillers

There are different fillers. Those that are temporary and those that are more on the permanent side. The body will always naturally change, it is a big reason why temporary fillers do a much better job as opposed to permanent ones.

Many want to know how is it that actress Lori Loughlin, has almond shaped eyes. Take a look at her throughout her career and you will realize that this is not a characteristic that they she has always had.

The secret in achieving this look is with fillers. Spaces that are underneath the eyes and cheeks are filled, along with loose skin being lifted as well.

Set a Schedule With Your Doctor, and Stick to it

Getting multiple injections are never the issue, however, over-injecting your face usually happens when a physician is inexperienced or is just looking to get the most cash from a patient.

Make sure you have a respectful and trusting relationship with your physician–someone who isn’t afraid to tell you when enough is enough.

Ask Your Doctor To Be Conservative

Molly Sims is a great example of how doing a little can really mean a lot.

The actress has had small, but remarkable treatments done. Her once noticeable laugh lines are now gone. It seems clear that she has used fillers to fill in those lines.

Don’t Combine Injections With Too Many Other Procedures

Getting more then one treatment is very common. The results could leave patients wishing they had avoided doing so. Coupling injectables along with other treatments could leave the face or treatment area unbalanced and distorted.

Everyone has different sized lips. Did you know that your lower lip should actually be 30 percent bigger than your upper lip?

Courtney Cox was once known for having thin lips. Now on the other hand her lips are much more plump and defined. There is no doubt that she has used fillers to make this subtle adjustment.

Know What’s Being Injected

Understanding and knowing what is being injected into your body is important.

Some non-qualified practitioners have a tendency to use fillers that are not FDA approved.

Instead, they often times use silicone and other nondescript items which can cause plenty of problems in the long run.

Know Where It’s Being Injected

Although fillers can be used in various parts of the face, there are certain areas that can leave a bad impression. Practitioners should have no problem knowing exactly in which part of the face should receive the most injections.

Take Kelly Ripa for example, many have speculated that she has gotten Juvederm Voluma, which is a hyaluronic acid type of filler. Those that have gotten these types of fillers are usually looking to have their smaller eyes or tight orbicularis muscles pushed up.

Think of a push up bra. The Voluma is injected into the problem area and helps push the eye up and supports it.

Start Early

After you have done research, if you feel as though fillers is the right treatment for you then start early.

The continued process of injecting Botox over a period of several months can slow down the aging process. There is no stopping this process, but records have shown that Botox and fillers could slow it down considerably.

Restore Definition

Fillers and Botox have been used on celebrities to make them look much younger than they actually are.

The ability to change your appearance is vital. Take Nicole Kidman for example, she has been able to maintain well defined lips with the help of fillers for years.

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