What to Know Before Getting a Cosmetic Treatment

by in Cosmetic Dermatology September 4, 2019

Cosmetic Treatments

For most individuals, the decision to undergo a cosmetic treatment is highly personal, as it involves altering your body and face.

Therefore, patients must take the necessary steps to ensure a safe and effective outcome.

Here’s what you need to know before getting a cosmetic treatment.

Seek treatment from a qualified and experienced BOARD-CERTIFIED dermatologist

Patients often underestimate the importance of researching and selecting a skilled medical practitioner or board-certified dermatologist. In fact, some individuals may be more concerned with finding the best price, rather than the most qualified provider.

Whether it’s a surgical or non-invasive cosmetic treatment, women and men should focus on their physician’s credentials, reputation, and board-certification.

Patients should also make sure that that can have open and honest communication with their doctor and that they are on the same page in terms of expectations.

Become knowledgeable about your procedure

In addition to doing their homework when it comes to a provider, individuals should also thoroughly inform themselves about their desired procedure.

That way, patients can prepare thoughtful questions for their consultation and receive answers that will help guide their decision about treatment.

It’s also important to view before and after photos and ask how often the provider performs this type of procedure.

Have a clear idea of your concerns and goals

Patients should be their own advocates and articulate their aesthetic concerns and goals. In turn, the provider should explain in clear and understandable terms the plan, benefits, risks, recovery, and expected outcomes of cosmetic surgery or treatment.

Additionally, a written informed consent should be obtained prior to every procedure.

Request a detailed account of treatment cost

A variety of factors can contribute to the final cost of a cosmetic treatment including geographic location, provider expertise, and facility and anesthesia fees.

While price should never be placed ahead of safety, patients should understand the national average for their procedure and ask about payment options. Many practices offer financing or accept medical credit cards.

To learn more about cosmetic treatment options, please call our office today to schedule a consultation.

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