Rita Wilson Opens Up About Botox

by in Botox May 26, 2020
Rita Wilson Opens Up About Botox

Hollywood is no stranger to cosmetic treatments.

Feeling pressured to maintain a youthful on-screen appearance, actress Rita Wilson decided to undergo Botox injections in 1999.

Continue reading to find out what Rita had to say about her Botox treatment and what others can learn from her experience.

Rita Wilson Talks Botox

After surviving the coronavirus with husband Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson recently sat down with The Guardian to share her harrowing experience.

During the course of the interview, the actress also revealed that she underwent Botox in 1999.

At the time, she was filming Runaway Bride with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere and was starting to feel self-conscious about her age and appearance in youth-obsessed Hollywood. Botox was new, and it seemed like everyone else was trying it, so Rita decided to get injections in her forehead.

When she watched herself in an emotional scene in the film, she noticed that her forehead was completely devoid of movement and lacked expression – all signs pointing to overcorrection.

How to Achieve Natural-Looking Botox Results

Although Botox first received FDA-approval in 1989 for eye muscle disorders, Botox Cosmetic didn’t receive approval for wrinkle reduction until 2002.

That being said, Rita’s 1999 Botox injections were performed off-label and at a time when the treatment was brand spanking new.

Since then, injection techniques have come a long way. Today’s providers have years of experience to precisely tailor treatment to each individual’s anatomy and produce extremely natural-looking results.

If your goal is subtle enhancement, with natural facial animation, it’s important to see a highly skilled and experienced injected like Dr. Amiry who can help you look like a well-rested version of yourself.

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