Kybella for Bra Fat

by in Kybella July 31, 2019

Worse than the sight of that stubborn bra fat—you know those pockets of fat accentuated when you put on your bra—is the lowly feeling realizing hitting the gym won’t rid you of it.

But what can help is Kybella, a non-surgical far reduction injection. This duoxcholic acid dissolves fat anywhere on the body. Some popular target areas are double chins and bra bulges. It is FDA approved and requires no downtime like surgery does.

It will take more than one injection to see results. But you will tell a serious difference.

The way it works is the Kybella injection contains a natural molecule which breaks down and kills fat. It’s basically a chemical reaction ridding the fat in the target area for good.

If it is applied under the chin for example, the jawline will be noticeable more defined and give the patient a stronger profile.

Using Kybella for that pesky bra fat will save patients the trouble of throwing on another outfit before going out or those painful, pinching bulges under your top.

The greatest appeal of Kybella is its non-invasiveness. There may be some minimal bruising but it doesn’t require missing work or exposing your body to painful surgery, the kind of plastic surgery that leaves you in a head wrap or with bandages for up to five days.

That surgery will break a sweat and the bank. Kybella is different.

In all, you will be in and out of the office in under half-an-hour, the procedure itself taking no longer than 20 minutes. After two or four treatments, you will see permeant results.

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