How to Find the Best Acne Dermatologist Near Me

by in Acne July 4, 2022

Finding the right acne dermatologist near me is important to your patient experience and the success of your acne treatment plan. But the search can be overwhelming. These tips will help you find the best acne dermatologist near me.

What is an Acne Dermatologist?

A dermatologist is a medical doctor that specialized in treating disorders of the hair, skin, and nails. Since acne is a skin condition, a dermatologist is the appropriate choice. The best acne dermatologist near me can help you treat acne, prevent flare ups, and protect your skin. Furthermore, your provider can help you choose a skincare routine that will help keep your acne at bay while improving your skin’s overall health.

When Should I See an Acne Dermatologist Near Me?

In most cases, acne is relieved with topical treatments in over-the-counter products. These products can work well for many people, offering clear skin without concerning side effects. However, sometimes an acne dermatologist is needed.

Acne in Females acne dermatologist near me

If you experience irregular menstruation and or increased hair growth, you should speak to your provider about PCOS, or if you suspect hormonal imbalance, a dermatologist can prescribe oral contraceptives that are proven to reduce androgen levels and treat acne.

Additionally, if you are experiencing severe and scarring acne, isotretinoin may be the best choice. However, this is a potent drug and is only used as a last resort for severe acne.

Acne in Males

Hormonal treatment is not an option for male patient so its important to see a dermatologist if you are experiencing severe and/or scarring acne. In these cases, isotretinoin can be effective in reducing acne and providing lasting relief from symptoms.

Cosmetic Dermatologists for Acne

If you are experiencing hyperpigmentation or scars because of acne, you may choose to see a cosmetic dermatologist instead of a general dermatologist. Cosmetic dermatologists have additional training and can offer treatments that can improve your acne, reduce scarring, and improve hyperpigmentation.

Best Acne Dermatologist Near Me

If you are ready to speak to a provider about your acne, please contact Reston Dermatology and Cosmetic Center today. Let us help you get the healthy skin you deserve.

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