Traptox- What is Trap Botox?

by in Botox October 11, 2023

Traptox, or trap Botox, is a gaining rapid popularity. This is due in part to a particular Kardashian admitting that she undergoes the treatment. But what is this procedure and why are people going crazy for it? Find out now in our guide to trap Botox.

What is Traptox?

Trap Botox involves injecting a neurotoxin like Botox into the trapezius muscles. This is the muscle that runs from the back of the head to just above the lower back and out toward the shoulders. So, why do people want Botox in their traps?

Well, there are a variety of reasons that patients choose trap Botox. First, it can alleviate pain. The trapezius muscle is a large, superficial muscle. Relaxing it can relieve discomfort and help reduce the development of headaches.

Other patients choose this treatment to alter their look. Traptox can cosmetically slim the appearance of the shoulder and create the appearance of a longer neck.

Cost of Trap Botox in Northern Virginia


The cost of any Botox treatment is going to vary greatly depending on your provider, your body, and your goals. Since insurance most likely won’t cover any of the cost, you could be looking at anywhere from $500-$1,000 per treatment.

How it Works

While it is most well-known for its cosmetic use, Botox has been used to treat a wide range of medical conditions. This includes chronic migraines, urinary incontinence, and hyperhidrosis. It is also used to treat muscle spasms. During Traptox, the provider injects Botox into the muscle to relax it. The results can last between 3-5 months.

Is it Safe?

This treatment could have significant benefit for patients suffering from muscle pain and headaches due to tight trapezius muscles. While many patients may choose this method to modify their body, it’s important to note that prolonged use will weaken your trapezius muscle.

Traptox in Northern Virginia

If you are tired of dealing with muscles stiffness and tightness, or you want to reduce the size of your traps, this treatment might be right for you. To learn more, please contact Reston Dermatology and Cosmetic Center.

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