The New “It-Girl” in Skincare: Hyperdiluted Radiesse Skin Tightening

by in Dermal Fillers December 23, 2020

Hyperdiluted Radiesse skin tightening treatments are the latest trend for patients seeking smoother, firmer skin that defies age!

What Is Radiesse?

Radiesse is a dermal filler that stimulates collagen growth in the skin for more youthful looking complexion.

For years this product has been popular to add volume to areas of the skin where it has been lost.

What Is Hyperdiluted Radiesse?

When hyperdiluted, Radiesse acts as a bio stimulating agent as opposed to a volume builder.

The process of hyper-dilution simply means this filler is mixed with a saline and lidocaine combination which thins it out.

What are the Benefits of Hyperdiluted Radiesse?

When administered by a professional, hyperdiluted Radiesse provides numerous befits including the following:

  • Collagen and elastin production within the skin
  • Long term skin tightening benefits
  • Reduction in fine lines
  • Reduction in crepiness of the skin
  • Reduction in skin laxity
  • Improved tone
  • Improved elasticity of the skin

Cellulite Treatments

In addition to the many skin benefits of this new treatment, hyperdiluted Radiesse is also popularly used to treat cellulite.

When injected into an area of cellulite, the skin plumps which reduces visible dimpling.

How Many Treatments Are Required?

For best results, your doctor may recommend one to three treatment sessions spread out one month apart during the first year.

After the first year, you should expect to return for maintenance treatments every year to 18 months.

Popular Treatment Areas

Some of the most popular areas to be treated include the inner arms, buttocks, neck, décolletage, mid and lower face, abdomen, and knees.

Hyperdiluted Radiesse Skin Tightening at Reston Dermatology

At Reston Dermatology + Cosmetic Center we are a holistic, integrated dermatology practice. 

We are Board Certified Dermatologists and Physician Assistants offering comprehensive general and cosmetic dermatology solutions by expanding our focus to include whole-body issues that can impact your skin.

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