EmSculpt for Face After Rapid Weight Loss

by in Body Lab, Emsculpt NEO, Liquid Face Lift March 11, 2024

Weight loss injections are all the rage right now and it’s easy to understand why. But, if you have noticed your face looking a little droopy after your weight loss, you’re not alone. Weight loss is a great achievement, but it can leave your body looking less than desirable, especially your face. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help.

Meet EmFace

Emface is the newest device from BTL. You’re likely already familiar with Emsculpt and Emsculpt NEO. These devices helped revolutionize body contouring. Emface lifts and tones the face and neck. It also prevents and reverses facial aging, so you get less wrinkles, jowls, and midface decent.

Emface combines radiofrequency technology with high intensity focused electromagnetic energy to deliver smoother skin, remodeled from the inside out. Where Emsculpt builds muscle and burns fat, Emface boosts collagen and elastin production to tighten, tone and lift.

Facial Toning

Emface is backed by many clinical trials and patients report long-lasting results and extreme satisfaction. Unlike some other procedures, patients report no discomfort during Emface. Furthermore, there are no adverse side effects, no down time, and NO surgery. Emface is an effective way to reduce wrinkles, tone muscles, and lift the face and neck. In fact, studies show that most patients see a 110% increase in elastin and 26% increase in collagen after Emface. The subdermal connective tissues get a significant boost in support too.

What to Expect

Although it will depend on your specific needs, most patients need four treatments spaced 5-10 days apart. Many people describe the sensations feeling a warm flush of slight buzzing. During the treatment, skin is heated, and you may experience a slight tingly feeling around the forehead and cheeks.

However, patients do not describe this treatment as painful or uncomfortable.

Is Emface Right for Me?

If rapid weight loss has left your face looking sagging or droopy, Emface may be the perfect answer. In addition to tightening and toning with Emface, you can also combine this treatment with Botox or fillers to restore a youthful, radiant glow to your face. Restore lost volume in the cheeks and temples or treat fine lines and wrinkles.

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