Chemical Peels Northern Virginia 

by in chemical peel November 30, 2019

If you are suffering from hyperpigmentation a chemical peel such as Mélange can help restore your skin to an even tone.

What Is the Mélange Peel?

A Mélange Peel is a chemical peel which is especially ideal for people with discoloration in their skin.

The peel works to remove the superficial layer of the skin in order for new skin to grow in its place.

This peel is made up of a hydroquinone and a retinoid in order to address hyperpigmentation and remove dead skin cells.

Can Anyone Get a Mélange Peel?

Unlike a traditional chemical peel which is typically only suggested for light skin tones, a Mélange Peel is safe for any skin color and type.

What Happens During a Mélange Peel?

During the peel process your aesthetician will apply the Mélange Peel on your face much like they would a mask.

You will then be sent home while the peel sits on your face for the next 5 to 10 hours after which time you will remove the mask as directed by your doctor.

When Will I See Results?

Typically, most patients are able to feel their skin tighten and become shiny upon removal.

Over the next 48 hours you should experience a rapid exfoliation process which can last for about a week.

What Are the Side Effects?

In order to prevent irritation your doctor will give you an after care regimen for the areas treated with the Mélange Peel.

Some patients experience some sensitivity for around a week post treatment.

You should also avoid the sun while your skin is recovering.

Chemical Peels Northern Virginia

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