Best Melasma Treatments Reston

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Are you struggling with melasma on your face? This chronic hyperpigmentation can be a big source of frustration. However, there are many ways to treat melasma. Here are some of the best melasma treatments in Reston.

Understanding Melasma

Melasma is a medical condition. It mostly affects the face, causing dark spots on the skin. Melasma is caused by the overproduction of melanin, the pigment that gives our skin color.

While it most commonly appears on the face, it can also affect other sun-exposed areas. Additionally, more than 90% of people with melasma are women. While it doesn’t cause any uncomfortable symptoms, it is often treated for cosmetic reasons.

Melasma Triggers

Melasma can be triggered by sun exposure, hormones, skin irritation and more. In fact, it is commonly referred to as the “mask of pregnancy” because it often occurs during pregnancy due to hormone fluctuations. Other hormonal triggers include contraceptives, menopause, and hormone therapies.

Sun exposure is the most common trigger for melasma. This includes both UVA and UVB light absorbed by unprotected skin.

Another melasma trigger is skin irritation or inflammation. This can be caused by harsh soaps or cosmetic topicals. They irritate the skin causing inflammation, which induces pigment production.

Can I Prevent Melasma?

There is certainly something you can do to help avoid melasma. We recommend the following steps to avoid triggers or worsening of melasma.

Sun protection. Wear sunscreen daily, at least SPF 30. During outdoor fun, wear at least SPF 50 and remember to reapply every two hours. You should also wear sun protective clothing like hats and long sleeves.

Hormones. While some hormone changes are unavoidable, like those that occur during pregnancy or menopause, you can avoid hormonal birth controls. This may help prevent melasma.

Preventing irritation. Irritation in the skin is easily avoided by following a gently skincare routine. Wash and moisturize with gentle, non-medicated products and avoid hot water on the face. Take care with cosmetic products because some can be irritating to melasma prone skin.

Best Melasma Treatments

Best Melasma Treatments Reston

There are several different approaches to treating melasma. This includes prescription creams, chemical peels, laser treatments and more. Some of the most popular treatments are below.

Hydroquinone for Melasma

Hydroquinone is a bleaching agent. It is available in 2% and 4% cream. This is applied topically to the hyperpigmented areas of the skin. Patients usually apply it twice a day for around 6 months. While you can buy hydroquinone over the counter, it is a weaker formulation. We recommend scheduling an appointment with your dermatologist to get a prescription strength topical cream.


Retinoids are typically used in melasma treatment because they boost the skin’s ability to absorb the bleaching agent. They also help get rid of the hyperpigmented skin by increased cell turnover. This is also available by prescription at our office.

Melanage Skin Brightening Cream

This is a customizable compound. It is mixed in the office and includes vitamin A, arbutase, glycolic acid, and green tea extract. The combination lightens discoloration and gently exfoliates away dark pigments. It can also reduce inflammation in the skin.


Sometimes melasma may be caused primarily by inflammation. In this case, a prescription corticosteroid can help.

Chemical Peels for Melasma

Chemical peels can be a great way to treat hyperpigmentation. There are two main peels we recommend for this. First, the Melanage Peel. It is a potent chemical peel that is extremely effective. It can be performed every 6-12 months and is normally followed by a daily prescription topical regimen for several months.

Next is the Glycolic acid peel. This can reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation caused by melasma. It exfoliates the top layer of skin to reduce dark spots. This peel involves very little downtime or discomfort. Typically, a series of glycolic acid peels are used in combination with microdermabrasion treatments for the best results.

Laser Treatment for Melasma in Reston

Laser treatments use light energy to shatter the pigment into small pieces.  Then the body can absorb or discard the pigment. There are several options for treating melasma with lasers.

Best Treatment for Melasma in Reston

Stop dealing with the frustrations of hyperpigmentation. Talk to your dermatologist about your treatment options. To learn more about which treatment options might be right for you, please contact Reston Dermatology and Cosmetic Center today.

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