What is Lymphatic Massage After Body Contouring

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Lymphatic massage after body contouring can have many benefits. From reducing inflammation to boosting blood circulation, lymphatic massage can have a positive impact on your overall health and make certain cosmetic procedures more effective. Read on to learn more about the benefits of lymphatic massage.

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The lymphatic system involves the movement of lymph (a clear fluid) through the body’s tissues and arteries to clean them. It then disposes of impurities. While the circulatory system has a heart to push blood around the body, the lymph system relies on the body’s movement.

Lymphatic drainage massage is a massage technique that stimulates the lymphatic system and helps it work faster by moving the lymph to the lymph nodes through out your body. Why? Well, it accelerates the process of removing accumulated liquid and their catabolic residues. It directs them to the capillary vessels and then onward until they are eliminated.

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

lymphatic massage after body contouring

There are many benefits of lymphatic massage, mainly in the transport and removal of stagnant fluids. However, it also includes:

  • Reduces water retention and swelling
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Improves tissue regeneration
  • Promotes mental and physical relaxation
  • Improves the immune system by eliminating toxins
  • Promotes faster removal of excess interstitial fluid
  • Minimizes appearance of cellulite by reducing the amount of fluid that presses against the cross-hatched fibers beneath skin

Lymphatic Massage after Body Contouring Treatment

Lymph drainage therapy is commonly recommended after both non-surgical and surgical body contouring. It can speed healing and enhance procedure results. So, for patients who undergo body contouring procedures, we encourage a manual lymph massage. Lymph massage after body contouring can:

  • Speed up recovery
  • Minimize pain
  • Prevent scarring
  • Enhance results
  • Improved total body healing

Professional Lymph Massage

While DIY lymph massage can be effective, we recommend a trained professional. A provider can recognize particulars of your body and exactly how your lymph is flowing. Experienced therapists have the knowledge and understanding to identify the exact pathways through your body and guide drainage to those specific areas. To learn more about lymph drainage massage, please contact Reston Dermatology and Cosmetic Center.

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