Vacation Planning 101: When to Get Laser Hair Removal in NoVA

by in Laser Treatments March 21, 2021

If you are planning your next dream vacation and hoping for a razor-free trip you may be considering laser hair removal in NoVA (Northern Virginia.)

After all, packing for a big trip can look a lot different if you know that you don’t have to factor in outfits that hide the multi-day stubble that inevitably arrives after a few vacation days.

How Early Should I Get Laser Hair Removal Before Vacation?

Laser hair removal is a multi-step process that requires a few treatments before you are able to achieve your ideal results.

Moreover, the nature of laser hair removal is such that you will need to stay out of the sun in between and after treatments to prevent skin burning and irritation.

If you are planning a vacation in the summer the best time to begin your laser hair removal treatments is now!

However, you should always consult with your doctor to determine the best care plan based on your schedule and health.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal is an aesthetic treatment where laser light technology is used in a particular treatment area to destroy hair follicles at the root.

Once destroyed the hair will not grow back.

What are the Most Popular Laser Hair Removal Treatment Areas?

If you are considering laser hair removal to get you ready for the beach, there are a few popular areas we suggest being treated!

If you are a man some of the most popular treatment areas include the back, check, arms and legs.

For women, the bikini zone is a very popular treatment area.

Other popular treatment areas include the upper lip, face, underarms, legs, and more!

Where to Go for Laser Hair Removal in NoVA

If you are in the northern Virginia area and looking for the best laser hair removal treatments, we have got you covered!

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