Types of CoolSculpting in Northern Virginia

by in Body Lab, CoolSculpting May 8, 2023

Did you know there are 6 different types of CoolSculpting in Northern Virginia? This popular liposuction alternative is capable of contouring the body without any surgery at all. Here’s what you need to know about this revolutionary treatment.

What is CoolSculpting?

This body contouring procedure is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that removes fat cells from the body. Using cryolipolysis, the device freezes fat cells to destroy them. The frozen, dead fat cells are then disposed of by the body’s natural elimination process. It is FDA approved to treat 9 different areas of the body.

CoolSculpting has been used for years with great success. In that time, the original device has been improved and new applicators have been created.

6 Types of CoolSculpting Applicators types of coolsculpting northern virginia

There are several applicators for the CoolSculpting device. Each one is used for different parts of the body. The applicators include:

CoolFit. The CoolFit applicator is primarily used for the inner thighs and upper arms. It is also a great choice for the vertical planes of the abdomen for patients who need less curvature or more fat reduction.

CoolCurve+. This next generation applicator has an excellent curvature that allows it to easily fit over rounded and curved skin. It is primarily used on areas that have a natural shape to them such as the flanks (love handles) or chest.

CoolCore. This applicator is very popular for the abdomen. Its shape is ideal for addressing bulges of fat and since it is smaller than most of the other applicators, it can be used to target precise areas that need special attention.

CoolMax. Unlike CoolCore, CoolMax is designed to handle much larger areas at once. It is 2.5x the size of some of the other applicators making it perfect for higher fat volumes.

CoolSmooth Pro. Typically, CoolSculpting is only recommended for patients with pinchable fat. However, the CoolSmooth Pro is used for areas of the body that are difficult to pinch but still important for body contouring goals.

CoolMini. As the name suggests, the CoolMini is a smaller device capable of addressing smaller areas of fat in areas like the chin and neck region.

Types of CoolSculpting in Northern Virginia

With so many applicators to choose from, CoolSculpting is easily tailored to your body and goals. If you are ready to say goodbye to stubborn fat, CoolSculpting can help. Contact Reston Dermatology and Cosmetic Center today to learn more.

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