Skin Cancer Surgery Northern Virginia

by in Skin Cancer January 31, 2020

It is important to understand what to expect during your skin cancer surgery.

Northern Virginia based dermatology office, Reston Dermatology is here to answer all of your questions below.

The Goal

Your doctor’s goal will be above all, to remove any traces of your skin cancer to prevent regrowth.

There will be every effort made to remove your skin cancer without changing your appearance.

Doctor Consultation

As with any medical procedure, you should always take the time to schedule a consultation with your doctor ahead of time.

This time can be beneficial for you to ask any questions you may have about the surgery.

Here are a few questions we recommend you ask:

  • Are you board certified?
  • What is your training background?
  • How often do you perform this type of surgery?
  • Why am I a good candidate for this surgery?
  • Can I see before and after pictures from successful outcomes?

The Procedure

Your doctor will begin your skin cancer removal surgery by having an anesthesia delivered for your comfort.

Next, your doctor will use a simple surgical process to remove the cancer lesion from the skin.

Last, once the cancer has been removed to satisfaction, your doctor will reposition healthy tissue over the wound and do any necessary reconstruction.

Following these steps, your surgery is complete, and a dressing or bandage should be applied to the incision site.


You should speak with your doctor ahead of time about proper care for your wound post-surgery.

You will likely be given instructions for cleaning and some sort of topical medication to ease any redness or soreness.

Skin Cancer Surgery Northern Virginia

It is most important to put yourself in the hands of a board certified professional with years of experience performing skin cancer surgery.

At Reston Dermatology, our doctors are here to provide excellent service during this sensitive time.

To schedule a consultation at Reston Dermatology, call us today at (703)766-2220.

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