Emsculpt VS CoolTone Northern Virginia

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Choosing a body sculpting device can be difficult. However, finding the best one will depend on several factors. Let’s look at Emsculpt vs CoolTone and which is best for you.

Similarities of Emsculpt vs. CoolTone

Emsculpt comes from BTL Aesthetics, makes of Emtone and Emsella. On the other hand, CoolTone comes from the makes of CoolSculpting, a very popular fat freezing device. Both treatments build, strengthen and tone the muscles by stimulating powerful muscle contractions known as supramaximal contractions.

Each treatment lasts around 30 minutes and can induce 20,000 supramaximal contractions. Additionally, both procedures are pain-free and require no downtime or recovery.

Differences of Emsculpt vs. CoolTone Northern Virginia emsculpt vs cooltone Northern Virginia

While these treatments have the same goals, they have different characteristics. There are four major differences between Emsculpt vs CoolTone Northern Virginia. These include:

  • The treatment areas
  • The time each treatment has been on the market
  • Fat reduction
  • The energy used to stimulate contractions

Treatment Areas

Emsculpt is FDA cleared to treat more areas than CoolTone. Both devices can strengthen the core, build up the thighs and upper legs, and sculpt abs. however, only Emsculpt can treat the upper arms for bigger, stronger biceps and triceps.

Time on the Market

Emsculpt was the first FDA approved device for building, strengthening, and toning muscles. CoolSculpting came along around two years later. Therefore, Emsculpt has some advantages. For one, Emsculpt is backed by seven scientific studies that report amazing outcomes.

On the other hand, CoolTone lacks any studies to demonstrate its safety and efficacy.

Additionally, Emsculpt continues to adapt and improve, now offering treatments for more areas of the body.

Fat Reduction

Emsculpt is shown to reduce fat and strengthen muscles simultaneously whereas CoolTone only claims to enhance muscle.

Energy Used

Both treatments stimulate supramaximal contractions, but they do so differently. Emsculpt uses HIFEM (highly focused electromagnetic) energy. In contrast, CoolTone employs MMS (magnetic muscle stimulation). Theoretically, CoolTone claims to have 50% more magnetic intensity compared to Emsculpt, but there are no independent studies to support this claim yet.

Another difference is that Emsculpt also increases metabolic reactions, meaning that while it is building current muscle and new muscles, it also removes fat at the same time.

EmSculpt vs CoolTone Northern Virginia: Which is right for you?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both treatments. Speaking to a provider is the best way to decide which treatment is best for you. To learn more about EmSculpt vs CoolTone please contact Reston Dermatology and Cosmetic Center today.

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