Cost of Laser Skin Tightening in Rockville

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Laser and energy-based treatments are considered the best non-surgical option for skin tightening. These technologies are both safe and effective for enhancing skin firmness and smoothness, primarily by stimulating collagen production to reduce skin laxity, lines, and wrinkles. The cost of laser treatments for skin rejuvenation will vary depending on the number of sessions, size of treatment location, type of treatment, and expertise of the provider.

Clear & Brilliant

Clear + Brilliant is a fractional laser skin resurfacing device, designed to be a gentler alternative to traditional lasers. It’s often regarded as one of the best facial lasers for treating early signs of aging and preventing their progression. The technology creates microscopic treatment zones, penetrating deep into the dermis to stimulate collagen production, smooth skin from the inside out, and replace damaged cells with a fresher, more youthful layer. The outcome is a noticeable healthy glow, along with reduced signs of aging, sun damage, and uneven pigmentation. With consistent sessions, the Clear + Brilliant laser can help you maintain a brighter, more radiant complexion.

Lasemd Ultra

The LaseMD Ultra, a non-ablative fractional laser device from Lutronic, is designed to rejuvenate skin and address pigmentation issues. With its unique 1927 wavelength, the treatment offers a personalized approach that can help rebuild healthy skin, brighten pigmented areas, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


Being fractional, LaseMD Ultra can reach deep into the dermis to deliver noticeable results, while keeping discomfort and recovery time to a minimum. It preserves the outer layer of the skin, allowing patients to resume their normal activities with little sign of a cosmetic procedure.

Active FX and Deep FX

Cost of Laser Skin Tightening in Rockville

Active FX and Deep FX lasers are fractional CO2 resurfacing treatments designed to address specific areas of the skin, targeting fine lines and photodamage.


This high-energy laser beam helps to rejuvenate sun-damaged or wrinkled skin. This treatment affects only a fraction of the skin at a time, allowing for quicker healing. It works by causing the top layer of skin to peel off, revealing fresh, healthy skin underneath.


Deep FX focuses on deeper wrinkles through skin resurfacing. It uses a fractionated pattern to speed up recovery time, while its deeper heating effect promotes collagen tightening. This makes Deep FX especially useful for treating wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.


Together, these lasers are highly effective in treating more advanced signs of aging, including deeper wrinkles, blotchiness, acne scars, and severe textural damage caused by the sun. This makes them among the best laser treatments for facial rejuvenation.

Fractional CO2

Dermal Optical Thermolysis (DOT) Therapy is an innovative, FDA-approved laser procedure designed to rejuvenate the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, brown spots, sun damage, scarring, and more. During DOT Therapy, the laser tightens the skin and stimulates collagen production, promoting a fuller, more youthful look by plumping the skin and significantly diminishing unwanted blemishes.


Unlike other laser resurfacing treatments, DOT Therapy precisely targets specific areas, resulting in notable improvements in the skin’s appearance and texture. The CO2 fractional laser treats the skin with a customized pattern of dots instead of treating the entire surface. This method reduces damage to surrounding tissue and allows for deeper penetration into the skin.

The Cost of Laser Treatments

The cost of laser treatment for skin rejuvenation can vary greatly. Cost depends on the type of laser, the treatment area, the location and reputation of the clinic, and the provider’s expertise. Different laser treatments are designed for specific purposes, such as hair removal, tattoo removal, skin resurfacing, or skin tightening. The complexity and duration of the treatment affect the cost. Size of treatment area is crucial as well. Larger areas generally cost more. For example, laser hair removal on the legs will be more expensive than on the upper lip. Some treatments require multiple sessions to achieve desired results, which can also add to the total cost.

The Cost of Laser Treatment for Skin Rejuvenation

If you are ready to try laser treatments,, now is a great time. To learn more about laser treatments for skin rejuvenation, please contact Reston Dermatology and Cosmetic Center today.

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