CoolSculpting: Losing Fat vs. Losing Weight

by in CoolSculpting May 17, 2019

CoolSculpting Fat Loss

The story behind CoolSculpting starts with your fat cells.

Fat cells stay consistent within the body from childhood all the way until adulthood. Those fat cells are different in each and every person.

So what happens when you gain weight and lose weight? Eating more calories than you truly need to on a daily basis leads to weight gain.

The extra amount of fat that you are now gaining is now stored in your body and kept there until your body needs energy. Throughout the course of a day, fat burn is burned, but weight gain occurs when you are storing more fat than you are burning.

When you begin to eat better and or exercise often those fat cells begin to decrease. The results show in your physical appearance as your body begins to slim down in size.

How Do You Lose Fat?

There are plenty of ways to lose fat. One way is by undergoing CoolSculpting treatment. This method is non-invasive and focuses on those unwanted fat cells. Those cells are frozen and are permanently rid from your body.

On average, 20-25 percent of fat reduction can be expected while undergoing this treatment.

Coolsculpting Is Precise and Unique to Your Body

Exercises such as running on a treadmill are great for losing weight but, often times it is unknown where exactly the fat loss will occur. With CoolSculpting, you can choose exactly where you want that fat loss to take place.

Currently up to nine areas can be targeted using CoolSculpting including the upper arms, flanks, bra fat and many other areas as well.

Coolsculpting Is Not a Weight Loss Treatment

CoolSculpting is guaranteed to help patients with losing certain fatty parts of their bodies that have been a constant problem.

These treatments will get rid of these fat cells for good but, it is also up to you to help aid the process by eating healthy and exercising regularly. Following these steps after your treatment will allow you to keep your new physique.

If you’re interested in learning more about body contouring options and seeing if CoolSculpting is the right treatment for you, contact Reston Dermatology today to schedule a consultation.

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