Best CoolSculpting Virginia: Malin Akerman and CoolSculpting

by in CoolSculpting November 11, 2020

The best CoolSculpting in Virginia is receiving even more attention as celebrities such as Malin Akerman open up about their love for the infamous treatment.

Akerman, 42, spoke with New Beauty Magazine recently about her experience with CoolSculpting.

Her Background

Malin Akerman grew up with a model and fitness instructor for a mother so beauty and wellness were always close to mind.

She learned to embrace her body and to treat it holistically from the inside out for a healthy life.

Healthy Living

Akerman has always taken her health seriously, which is why she grew frustrated that certain areas such as her belly didn’t respond to diet and exercise alone.


Frustrated by areas of unwanted body fat which were exacerbated by quarantine, she sought out a noninvasive treatment to address this concern.

The actress began her CoolSculpting journey with one treatment on her stomach.

The entire treatment was comfortable and done in one half hour session.


She then returned to her physician for a CoolTone treatment a few weeks later where her muscles were stimulated to promote a more toned physique.

Her Results

Malin has expressed great satisfaction from her treatment results saying “I’ve really seen a difference and my belly just doesn’t feel as flabby as it did before- it feels a lot stronger and I’m loving it.”

The Best CoolSculpting in Virginia

Great news- CoolSculpting isn’t just for the Hollywood elite like Malin Akerman.

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