Best Cellulite Treatment in Northern Virginia

by in Body Lab, Cellulite April 1, 2021

Nearly everyone has cellulite somewhere on their body. Most people have tried any number of creams and serums to get rid of their bumpy skin. All to no avail. But now, there is an answer to our cellulite problems. Emtone is the best cellulite treatment in Northern Virginia. Here’s what you need to know.


Emtone is one of the best cellulite treatments in Northern Virginia. This noninvasive, FDA approved treatment that uses radiofrequency and targeted pressure energy to banish cellulite. Emtone is the first of its kind and uses thermal and mechanical energy to treat ALL the factors that contribute to cellulite. These include:

  • Metabolic waste that accumulates under the skin
  • Loss of skin elasticity
  • Poor blood flow
  • Rigid collagen fibers that cause dimpling
  • Enlarged fat chambers beneath the skin

Best Cellulite Treatment Procedure

You’re probably wondering what the procedure is like and how it feels. First, Emtone does not hurt. Most clients say it feels like a hot stone massage with the addition of mechanical vibrations when the device is applied to the skin. There is zero downtime with Emtone, so you can return to your normal activities immediately.

During your first appointment, the doctor will listen to your concerns and help you create a treatment plan tailored to you. Typically, patients require four treatments over the course of two-four weeks. Each treatment only takes around 20 minutes.

Emtone VS Emsculpt: Are They Different?

Maybe you have heard of Emsculpt and want to know how Emtone is different. Well, Emtone focuses on creating toned skin, (AKA no more cellulite). Emsculpt on the other hand, focuses on building and sculpting muscles.

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Emsculpt produces typically take around 30 minutes, require no downtime, and offer results after just one treatment. This FDA approved, nonsurgical treatment creates muscle contractions to build muscles and sculpt the body.

Best Cellulite Treatment in Northern Virginia

Say goodbye to cellulite with the best cellulite treatment in Northern Virginia. Remember, Emtone is pain-free and FDA approved. Contact Reston Dermatology today to learn more!

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