How Do I Find the Best Aesthetician Near Me?

by in Skincare June 18, 2020

After conducting a search for “aesthetician near me,” many women and men are inundated with information, but aren’t sure exactly how to process it or what to look for.

If you can relate, continue reading to learn how to find a top-notch skincare specialist who can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

What is an Aesthetician?

An aesthetician is a licensed and certified skincare specialist who performs cosmetic treatments to enhance skin health and appearance. While some aestheticians operate out of med spas and salons, many aestheticians work closely with dermatologists in a medical setting. These providers are often referred to as medical aestheticians.

What Services Do Aestheticians Offer?

Aestheticians are qualified to perform a wide-range of noninvasive skincare procedures, including:

  • Facials
  • Extractions
  • HyadraFacials
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Acne treatments
  • Mask treatments
  • Eye lash treatments
  • Body wraps
  • Waxing

That being said, aestheticians are only permitted to conduct cosmetic treatments that focus on superficial layers of skin.

They are not equipped to diagnose conditions, prescribe medications, recommend therapeutic treatments, perform injections and invasive treatments, or administer deep peels.

I’m Looking for the Best Aesthetician Near Me. What Do I Need to Know?

Even after searching online for “best aesthetician near me,” many women and men are unsure what to look for in a qualified skincare specialist.

To start, you should seek a qualified and certified provider who specializes in your particular area of interest. Ask how long she has been performing your intended treatment (i.e. facials, chemical peels, acne treatments, etc.) and what percentage of her day is spent on that specialty.

It’s also important to choose an aesthetician who prioritizes your safety and comfort and makes you feel at ease.

Finally, consider the aesthetician’s hours and determine if they are convenient and will work with your schedule.

Schedule an Appointment with an Aesthetician Near Me

If you are seeking a highly skilled and experienced aesthetician, please call our office today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with one of our talented providers.

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