Getting a Lip Flip Instead of Fillers

by in Botox November 17, 2023

Botox injections are different from lip fillers, a fact emphasized repeatedly in numerous beauty articles, podcast discussions, and exasperated dermatologists addressing the common misconception of achieving filler-like results with this popular injectable. However, it might come as a surprise to discover that Botox, primarily known as a muscle relaxer, can indeed enhance lip volume. Introducing the Botox Lip Flip Treatment—an understated and highly individualized method that yields results reminiscent of a natural, effortless appearance, steering clear of the overt “I’ve had something done” look and embracing a more “I woke up like this” aesthetic.

What Is the Botox Lip Flip Treatment?

The Botox lip flip involves the meticulous placement of a small number of Botox units along the upper lip muscle. This targeted application aims to relax and subtly “flip” the lip, revealing more of the upper lip to achieve a fuller, plumper appearance that maintains a natural look. 

Administering Botox into a particular muscle induces relaxation in that specific muscle. Injecting Botox for a lip flip involves relaxing a minute section of the orbicularis oris muscle, which encircles the lips. By alleviating tension in this muscle, the lip can gently flip upward, resulting in a more pronounced and poutier appearance.

Benefits of Botox Lip Flip Treatment

Some of the benefits of a Botox Lip Flip include:

  • Cost-effective alternative to lip fillers
  • Won’t cause a drastic change to the look of your lips
  • A fuller-looking upper lip
  • Little downtime/recovery
  • Results in a few days

Who are the Best Candidates for a Botox Lip Flip?

Ideal candidates for a Botox lip flip are individuals with a naturally thinner upper lip who seek increased volume. Those who experience the appearance of their upper lip receding, curling, or disappearing, especially when smiling or speaking, and reveal excessive teeth or gums during these expressions, can find the lip flip beneficial for achieving a more pronounced and poutier aesthetic.

What are the Potential Risks?

Like any medical procedure, there are potential risks associated with Botox. These may include bruising or temporary swelling, as well as, as previously mentioned, headaches and flu-like symptoms. In more uncommon and severe instances, temporary skin drooping has occurred, and there is a slight risk of developing an asymmetrical smile. While these risks are rare and often reversible, it is crucial to seek a licensed practitioner for the procedure.

Best Lip Flip Botox Injector in Northern Virginia

If you are interested in learning more about Lip Flip Botox injections, we are here to help! Contact Reston Dermatology and Cosmetic Center today to schedule an appointment.

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