How To Prevent Bruising

Injectable wrinkle treatments work wonders in filling out lines and wrinkles, but they can cause bruising and swelling. Many patients ask us how to prevent bruising and the good news is that there is a lot you can do before your appointment to minimize bruising and in some cases prevent it all together.

If you are just having Botox or Xeomin, these suggestions are still good to follow even though bruising is uncommon. However, dermal fillers like Juvederm, and Juvederm Voluma are slightly more invasive and following these instructions will help any bruises that you do get to heal quicker. To be on the safe side, please don’t plan any super special events for at least 2 weeks after your filler appointment.

Here are the important tips you can do a few days before your visit that will make a real difference in minimizing bruising after your injectable treatment.

  1. Avoid medications and/or supplements for a week prior to your treatment that can increase bruising such as: NSAIDS (ibuprofen, aspirin, Naproxen), Vitamin E, Fish Oil, CoQ10 or Flaxseed oil. Tylenol is fine to take.
  2. We hate to ruin any fun plans, but avoiding alcohol the night before and the night you have your injectable treatment really helps to prevent bruising. Don’t worry, we won’t nag you about itJ
  3. Take Arnica (Trameel) pills 2 days before and after the procedure to aid in reducing bruising. Place three pills underneath your tongue, twice a day. Arnica (Trameel) is available in our office store for purchase, and there is enough in the bottle for several treatments. We will provide six tablets for you to take prior to your appointment at no charge.
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